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 Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

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PostSubject: Tuesday, June 23rd 2009   Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:16 pm

General Hospital Recap Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After Claudia welcomes Michael to their house, Sonny warns her that when he finds out who set up Jason tonight, he will have them eliminated. He calls Johnny but Olivia answers the phone as they kiss on the couch. Laughing, she suggests he call back later but Sonny insists he come over immediately, with or without his pants on. Johnny tells Sonny that he could have killed Jason if he wanted to. When he asks if his sister's correct in claiming that she's having sex with him to make Sonny jealous, Olivia denies it and takes him back to her bed. Carly calls Michael to report that she can't find his brother so he insists on going to find him. Grabbed by Dominic, Morgan warns the gunman that he's making a mistake because of who his father is. The two develop an unlikely friendship as Morgan offers to help the wounded assassin find a way to the road. Carly finds them and orders Dominic to let her son go. Morgan convinces his brother and mother that Dominic only wants to escape. When he lowers his gun, Carly lets him leave but first, he asks her to tell Sonny that he owes him for not killing them. Later, Dominic demands Claudia's help. After sex, Rebecca dreams of watching her twin sister dancing with Nikolas, telling her that he will always be hers. Patrick advises Robin that the autopsy report on Brianna shows no drugs or large amount of alcohol present in the dead woman. Robin urges him to re-read the report. Maxie stops by and talks about the mayor's wife hiring Sam to determine if her husband was having an affair. Finding two bruises on her head, Robin tells Patrick that she thinks Brianna was murdered. Andrea advises Ric that their plan is "going south." He suggests she run and cut her losses but she insists she can handle this but needs his help.
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Tina -
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Tuesday, June 23rd 2009
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